Hydrotherapy with movable pool floor

The benefits of hydrotherapy are widely recognized in the medical world. Variomedic, a specialist in aquatherapy and water-based rehabilitation, is well acquainted with this form of therapy. To achieve maximum results, the installation of movable pool floors and bulkheads in therapy pools is indispensable. Various target groups for hydrotherapy can make optimal use of the facilities provided by the therapy pool, with efficient control over the water temperature.

Therapy pools equipped with movable pool floors

The movable floor can be equipped with a moving access staircase, a platform for individuals with reduced mobility, or a ramp, allowing rehabilitation patients to enter the pool independently. Installing underwater treadmills is also among the available options. The advantage of these treadmills is that patients do not need to turn around at the end of the pool, resulting in more efficient training. For more information, please visit the rest of the Variomedic website or contact us if you have any questions.

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