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The effect of hydrotherapy is widely endorsed in the medical world, and Variopool is also familiar with this method of aquatic therapy and rehabilitation. Installation of movable swimming pool floors and retaining walls in therapy pools is essential in order to achieve maximum results. The various target groups for hydrotherapy can make the best possible use of the facilities of the therapy pool, in which the temperature of the water can also be efficiently controlled.


Movable floors can also be fitted with pivoting access steps, a disabled persons platform or a ramp, so that the rehabilitation patients can also enter the pool independently. Placement of underwater treadmills is also an option. The advantage of the treadmills is that the patients do not have to turn around at the end of the wall, which facilitates more efficient training. Check the rest of the Variomedic website for more information or contact us if you have any questions.

You can download the Variomedic brochure here! When you do have questions you cancontact us.

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