Company updates and news via new website

We recently launched a website showcasing our various divisions, consolidating all pertinent information onto a single, centralized platform. This strategic move aims to broaden our online presence and provide visitors with enhanced insights into our wide array of products and services.

Latest Company News

Given our company’s multiple divisions, each with its specialization, our goal is to offer all relevant information concurrently to our visitors. From the Variogroup website, users can easily navigate to the information pertinent to them, seamlessly transitioning to the specific website housing the desired details with a simple click. Additionally, all other websites will undergo a makeover in the coming period to ensure a consistent appearance.

A primary focus will be on news dissemination. Starting January 2021, all news from our divisions will be exclusively featured on the Variogroup website. Should news items reference a particular division, direct links will be provided for immediate access. Furthermore, this website will include direct links to the respective news articles.

The name of this website is