Company updates and news via new website

We recently launched a website on which we put our various divisions in the spotlight. Everything has been neatly put together on one central website. We have done this to make ourselves more widely known on the internet and to be able to inform you as a visitor even better about our products and services.

The latest updates of our company

Because our company has several divisions, each with their own specialization, we want to offer all information at once to the visitor. From the Variogroup website, you can choose the information that applies to you. You then click directly through to the correct website with the specific information. The other websites will all be given a makeover in the coming period so that their appearance remains uniform.

What we will centre on is the news. As of January 2021, the news of all divisions will be on the Variogroup website only. If any of the news items are related to one of our divisions, you can click through directly. Of course, there will be a direct link to those news items on this website.

The name of this website isĀ