About Variomedic

Variomedic is subsidiary of Variopool and was created due to the persistent demands from the market for movable pool floors on which hydrotherapy can take place. And Variopool has been the absolute specialist in this field for many years.

To give hydrotherapy it is important that the pool floor can be set to different depths. Not lastly because this enables the hydrotherapists to support their patients better. Patients can also enter the pool easily. For example, by using a ramp, a disabled persons lift or a Poolpod. These are all products in the Variomedic range, and they can all be customised.

And the jewel in the crown? Variomedic regularly organises workshops and training sessions with the aid of a qualified hydrotherapist.

Have we piqued your interest and would you like to know more about our products of services? Request a meeting with one of our members of staff. Or download the various product sheets of this website.