beweegbare bodems


The operation of hydrotherapy (nowadays referred to as aquatic physical therapy) is widely endorsed in the medical community. Depth variation is a key factor in building training load: therefore, installing movable pool floors in the therapy pool is indispensable, and can be combined with an underwater treadmill, the value of which has been proven in numerous studies.

Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy in water. The diverse target groups for hydrotherapy can make optimal use of the facilities of the therapy pool, with the water temperature efficiently controlled. The temperature depends on the intensity of movement and can range from 28 to 34 degrees Celsius. The aim of hydrotherapy is to increase the resilience of various tissues, with effects on daily functioning, participation in society, satisfaction, and well-being. Hydrotherapy is particularly suitable for anyone who struggles with “dry land” movement due to physical limitations or (painful) complaints of acute or chronic nature.

Additional possibilities with a movable floor

The movable floor can be equipped with a movable access staircase, a platform for people with disabilities, or a ramp so that the rehabilitation patient can enter the pool independently. The installation of a dividing wall is also possible. Due to further specialization in the field of Aquatherapy, Variopool has launched this website: Variomedic. Here you will find further, and more extensive, information about our specific products and projects.

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