Pool ramp

The Variomedic movable swimming pool floor can be fitted with a ramp. Thanks to the slope in the swimming pool, it is possible that the rehabilitation patient, the injured athlete or someone else who would like to make use of the pool, can easily get into the pool. Persons with a wheelchair can drive independently into the water.

Enter the pool easily with a poolramp

The ramp is a great solution for therapy pools, which many people in a wheelchair use to get aqua training. The ramp or MIVA is also a solution in the world of Hydrotherapy. We also supply a Poolpod. All different ways to get the patient as good and comfortable as possible in the pool. Through our experiences with Hydrotherapists we know what is going on and where the need lies in this area. And you benefit from that.

Variomedic is a subsidiary of Variopool. For years the specialist in the production and installation of movable soils.

Possibilities with a pool ramp

The combination of a movable floor and a disabled lift offers many possibilities for the swimming pool. With the help of a hydrotherapist you can get the best out of the complex! Are you looking for the possibilities of Hydrotherapy in combination with our products? Or would you like to exchange thoughts with our people? Then contact us without obligation. A lot is possible.