Movable floor – therapy pool

The effectiveness of hydrotherapy is widely endorsed in the medical world, and at Variopool, aqua therapy is no stranger. To achieve maximum results, installing movable pool floors and dividing walls or bulkheads in the therapy pool is essential. Various target groups for hydrotherapy can make optimal use of the therapy pool facilities, with the water temperature efficiently controlled if needed.

Movable pool floors are adjustable to any desired depth.

The movable pool floor can be set to various depths, tailored to the rehabilitation process of the patient or athlete. By addressing the specific needs of the individual, the recovery process can be accelerated. A movable floor is not only convenient for the patient but also a significant advantage for the therapist. For instance, the floor can be set at the same level as the pool edge for easy access, after which the therapist can lower it. This makes it easier for the therapist to work with the patient in the water, reducing strain.

The movable floor can be equipped with, among other things, a moving access ladder, a platform for people with disabilities, or a ramp, allowing the rehabilitation patient to enter the pool independently. Installing underwater treadmills is also possible. The advantage of treadmills is that the patient doesn’t have to turn around at the end of the pool, making training more efficient. We provide ample examples on this page. If you still have questions based on the above, we would love to hear from you.

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