Parabool therapy pool Deventer, the Netherlands

We delivered and installed a movable pool floor in de Parabool therapy pool in Deventer, the Netherlands. The floor has dimensions of 4.65 metres by 4.09 metres. The swimming pool in Deventer is used primarily for therapeutic purposes, but can also be ideal for senior citizens or disabled/handicapped persons.


Therapeutic swimming can have an extremely positive effect on muscle or joint pain. It is also possible to select a higher and more pleasant temperature in the therapy pool, which is also good for muscles and joints. Lessons can be given under the supervision of a hydrotherapist.


The indoor swimming pool has a swimming pool cover. This was supplied by Variodeck B.V., one of the subsidiaries of the Variopool Group. Covers are also extremely important for indoor swimming pools because a great deal of heat, and therefore energy, is also lost indoors.