Integrated stairs

It is possible to completely build in our integrated stairs into the construction of the movable floor of Variomedic. This requires concrete pool walls in which it is possible to mount fixed stair carriages with bosses. When the movable floor lowers, the steps rest on the bosses on the permanent wall. This means that the stairs can always be used safely, regardless of the depth of the movable floor. The stairs provide visitors with easy and comfortable access to the swimming pool.

Customised integrated stairs for your pool

In addition, we customise all integrated swimming pool stairs specifically for your pool, so that the dimensions are always correct. The steps are made from plastic covered with a non-slip layer in the colour white RAL 9010. The front of every step has a contrasting warning line, which prevents injuries occurring while using the stairs. There is also the possibility to fit the stairs with two stainless steel, high gloss polished handrails.

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