Aqua Centre Eskilstuna, Sweden

Project in Eskilstuna, Sweden is completed! A project with a lot of installed products of Variopool. In the competition swimming pool of the aquatics we have mounted a two-section vertical bulkhead. The bulkhead has a size of 25x 1,5 x 2,3 meters. This vertical bulkhead is a perfect aid to split the swimming pool in two parts so you can organize a lot of activities in the same pool.


In one of the target group swimming pools we installed a movable floor, a movable disabled access platform and an integrated stairs. This swimming pool is mostly used for therapeutic purposes and hydrotherapy. The installed accessories of Variopool will help to get the most of out the pool.

There is another target group swimming pool in the Aquatic Centre of Eskilstuna with exactly the same products of Variomedic. A real multifunctional Aquatic Centre!