The Poolpod is a product that ensures that wheelchair users have easy access to the swimming pool. Naturally, the Poolpod can be installed in a project that is to be newly built, but also in existing pools without problems. The installation is mounted on the edge of the pool, which means that the pool does not need to be drained for it to be installed. Complexes such as the London Aquatics Centre and the swimming pool in Glasgow already use this product.

The Poolpod is powered by a rechargeable battery, which means that the installation of electricity cables is not required. An extremely simple installation process. A fully charged battery will help approximately 50 people to enter and leave the swimming pool.


A major advantage is that users can operate the device independently, which means that pool attendants are not required to be present to provide assistance. It is also possible for pool attendants to operate the device. This is easy to do from a distance with the aid of a remote control.

Check this video of how the Poolpod in the swimming pool works. Different target groups can use the Poolpod, as you can see in the video.