Movable floor in Therapy pool for hospital Loughborough

For the DNRC Loughborough in England, the Variopool group have installed a movable floor in the therapy pool of this institution. A movable floor that is height-adjustable has many great advantages for hydrotherapy. This is the name for treatments in the water. The therapist can now determine the height of the floor and work more easily with the patient. Another advantage is that a patient can now easily be get into the water by putting the movable floor all the way to the water surface level. The other option could be by doing this with a special disabled person lift.

About the DNRC

As far as the scope is concerned, NHS England has indicated that rehabilitation should reflect an assessment of the physical, functional, professional, educational, cognitive, psychological and social rehabilitation needs of a patient. The treatment can include neurological care, mental health care, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, specific treatment for people with complex injuries such as prostheses and a whole range of physical exercise in gyms and swimming pools – all under clinical supervision. Read more about this hospital through the website of the DNRC.